Macquarie Centre, Sydney

Macquarie Centre, cnr Waterloo & Herring Rds, North Ryde

Designer: Edge
Date: October 2014
Products Used:
Various Bronze Tables—Barbera
Achille Table—L'Abbate
Custom Planter Coffee Tables—Catapult
Custom Side Tables—Catapult
Various Custom Planters—Catapult
Custom Long Bench Ottomans—Catapult
Various Custom Lounges—Catapult
Popper Lights—André Hnatojko
Custom Light Stands—Catapult

Edge approached Catapult Design with a need for a large array of furniture to be used in 'pods' around the newly redeveloped Macquarie Centre. This involved a high level of customisation of existing pieces in the Catapult Collection, as well as the development of a range of entirely new products.

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