C.O. Stool

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

Perfectedcurves and minimal design are the hallmarks of the C.O Stool by OLAS. Upon first glancethe intricacies of the stool may be overlooked, but through use the subtletiesreveal themselves. From the thoughtfully sweeping seat to the subtle curvature of the footrest, every detail is carefully considered with the human experiencein mind. 

Designed by P.Cerbu & A.Olasau

Finalist - Denfair FRONT | CENTRE Emerging Designer Award 2019

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Product Details:
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • 4 solid timber options available
Finishes Available:
  • White Oak
  • Black Oak
  • Walnut
  • Otway Blackwood
Sizes Available:
  • 380W x 320D x 640H