Dusked Pendant

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The Dusked Pendants are designed and made by hand in Australia by Studio Enti. An experiment in form, these lights are derived from an inverted vase. Their individual patterning and hand staining provides a versatility of translucency, which can be specified at the time of ordering. Darker lights provide a more directional output, while lighter shades illuminate from the entire body. Warm and inviting, they lend themselves to intimate settings when used individually, or to light larger spaces when grouped or clustered.

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Product Details:
  • Handmade¬†Australian porcelain
  • Cloth covered linen cable
  • Customisable to suit various purposes
  • Each light is unique
Finishes Available:
  • Solid
  • Translucent
Sizes Available:
  • Dia100 x H180mm