Supporting The Settlement

With Christmas fast approaching it’s very easy to get caught up in the craziness of party season, beach weather, and showering loved ones with food, drinks and presents.  But it’s also the perfect opportunity to take stock of all that you are lucky enough to have, and then give a piece of it to those who might be a little less fortunate.

Nettie, who is responsible for some of the beautiful ceramics you’ll find at Catapult, doubles as the Manager of The Settlement. The Settlement is a multi-cultural centre in Darlington, Sydney, whose programs are emphasised towards Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

More information on their programs is on their website, and this year The Settlement is hosting a Christmas party for the first time in many years. At this Christmas party they’re hoping to give each child up to the age of 12 a small gift, but what started as a small event is quickly growing, and they need extra support.

Catapult is proud to be a major supporter of The Settlement in their efforts to provide some festive support to the local community, and  we’d love to encourage all of you as our friends to also lend a hand. Their preference is for financial support to ensure they can procure the most appropriate gifts for the community, and no donation is too small (or too big.)

You can donate via their website, where you can also find further contact details if financial support isn’t something you can provide but you’d like to get involved in other ways. The Christmas party is coming up at the end of next week (5 December), so if you can help out, they’d really appreciate hearing from you soon.

For more information, head to The Settlement website, or give them a call on 02 9698 3087.