Obelisk, the Alternative Rock

With a celebrated career already behind him, Obelisk is set to appear in a new play releasing in April 2015. In this, the second in a series of interviews with the performers, we explore what’s behind this alternative rock of the industry.

Obelisk needs almost no introduction. A decade in the spotlight, awards and acclaim, and a sense of presence befitting his name — Obelisk, by this point, is fast approaching icon status. Perhaps where James Dean had found himself had he not been so transfixed with fast cars and life on the edge.

With chiseled good looks, an alternative tilt, and a solidity to his stature, this is not a comparison that is lost on Obelisk.

‘I’ve always, on some level, felt an affinity with James Dean,’ he says, resting back on his singularly striking legs and commanding space in the boardroom of his agency. ‘While of course the reckless aspects of Dean’s life have never held much appeal for me, many people don’t realise the years of work that went into his success. People see three starring roles and a fiery death and assume he was a flash in the pan.’

While no one would suggest that Obelisk is a flash in the pan, not with his acclaim, popularity, and talent showing no sign of waning, it is true that the work leading up to his debut is often overlooked. So much attention so early in life could easily distract from the fact that his development took years, leading up to his debut in 2005.

What can never be overlooked, however, is his range and his daring versatility. A character performer through and through, whether in armchair or sofa mode he is not afraid to let his features separate him from the crowd, or let his strong profile and dramatic outline raise others to lofty heights.

‘In this role, I feel that I’m almost playing the elder statesman, hopefully ahead of my time,’ he says with a chuckle. ‘And I’m ok with that. My fellow performers are incredibly talented, and I wish them every opportunity and success that I’ve been afforded through my career.’

He pauses for a moment, perhaps letting his own modesty rest for a beat, before adding with a smirk: ‘I just hope they don’t think I’m going anywhere any time soon. If they do, they are gravely mistaken.’

Mistaken indeed.

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