Major Macquarie Centre Installation

In mid-October we completed probably our biggest installation yet as a company. About a year after we launched, Megan Roberts and Lizz Fawcett from Edge approached us regarding the at-the-time soon-to-be-completed massive redevelopment of Macquarie Centre in Sydney. In the words of the team at Edge:

‘AMP Capital approached us with a brief to create furniture pods for Macquarie Centre that would deliver on their customer-centric design strategy, where possible leveraging Australian furniture design talent to create unique moments of delight in what was to become a shopping destination for iconic international and local fashion brands.’

The brief for us involved an incredible amount of custom work—something we love doing and pride ourselves on. And it wasn’t only customising existing pieces within the Catapult Collection, such as Bronze Tables by Barbera and an Achille Table from L’Abbate. The majority of the specification was for completely custom product.

16 Popper lights from André Hnatojko required custom stands to turn what are generally pendant lights into floor lamps. Long ottomans in different sizes were created from scratch, as was a series of upholstered lounges, again in various sizes and different detailed finishes. A series of custom side tables with tops in both wood and marble were developed.

A range of unusual planters were also created, in a couple of different sizes and finishes, and including the distinctive coffee table versions that allow for a touch of nature to enter many of the pods scattered strategically throughout the centre.

All up, over 150 pieces were created, with products from Barbera, André Hnatojko, L’Abbate, and Catapult. We couldn’t be happier with the result, seeing these fantastic designs housed in what is now the biggest shopping centre in New South Wales.

Edge also had the following to say about the process of working with us:

‘From the start we had a great relationship with Leigh + Aaron from Catapult. They shared our creative vision of engaging with local designers and of pushing the boundaries in design to create something new and fresh. Working with Catapult’s existing collection, we were allowed the opportunity to adapt certain pieces and to custom design our own distinctive range for Macquarie Centre, which included custom coffee tables with integrated planters, individual planters, lounges, and ottomans.

‘The collaboration and laughs throughout the project from inception resulted in a unique and distinctive furniture pod collection, raising the bar in shopping centre ambience and amenity, delivering on our client’s brief and our creative vision.’

If you’re in the area, make sure you check out the Macquarie Centre redevelopment—it is, after all, the flagship home of H&M and Uniqlo ahead of their launch in the CBD next year.

If you’re after a custom furniture or lighting solution for your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch—nothing is too big, or too small!