Marz Designs

Marz Designs was started more as a passion project by Coco Reynolds in 2010 but since then it has gradually evolved. Driven by a love of beautiful forms and the innate qualities of raw materials, Coco aims to create timeless and innovative designs, with functionality and quality being the primary focus. Having graduated from Industrial Design at the University of Canberra in 2007, Coco has a background in product design followed by training in woodworking at the Sturt School of wood.  Taking inspiration from the people she meets, travelling and new perspectives, Reynolds has developed into a versatile designer who isn’t afraid to try her hand at new things. Her work has found her in the top 10 finalists of the Launchpad competition in 2011, awarded the CAL Copyright Agency Grant 2012 and nominated as one of the Temple & Webster Emerging Designer Awards 2014.