Franco Crea

Franco Crea offers varied established collections for residential and commercial applications in exterior and interior settings, ranging from education, hospitality, public spaces and residential. All FrancoCrea™ pieces are designed in-house. They are distinct, contemporary, and capture elegance with acuity. Franco Crea’s passion for design is coupled with a commitment to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. He is for minimal wastage, for highly-resolved design thinking and execution. He is for visually-affecting and engaging spatial encounters.

Through Franco's 14 years of professional experience he has come to fully appreciate the many forms which beauty can take. And that beauty resides in the elements of our surroundings. He works with a raft of different materials, and this broad material variety translates, in the designed form, to a multitude of diverse sensory experiences. He loves designing with timber, metal, solid surface, and natural stone. By using these familiar materials in conjunction with his trusted methods, Franco has developed his own iconic and consistent design language.



Mila chair

Mila stool